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Moving Tips

Create your Moving Plan

Create a timeline that will allow for all necessary stages of your move. This will need to be discussed with your residential or office moving team.  You should start preparing at least at a minimum of (6) months in advance considering the size of your move.

Determine Your Budget

If you have a specific bodget amount assigned for your move, it will be important to identify costs before you hire a moving company, or even before you pack the first box.

Assign Tasks

​Whether it's an residential or office moving project establish a moving committee to create a list of tasks that need to be completed and make sure they are added to the timeline/schedule.

Secure Important Documentation

Create a moving binder with plastic sleeves for all your important documentation and moving information.   It will be your go-to guide on moving day.

Color Coordinate

Mark all moving boxes or containers with color codes labels with contents and location in your new home or office.  You can lose a lot of time digging into boxes and containers trying to figure out what they contain and where they go in your new home or office.



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